Pride Gift Guide

by Bailey Kantner May 11, 2018

Pride Gift Guide

Are you throwing a party to celebrate Pride Month? You should!

We put together a guide of party supplies + gifts that'll take your Pride bash to the next level.

All that's left to do is make sure everyone has enough to drink before you bring out the karaoke machine ("My heart will go on" always sounds exponentially better 3 beers in).

1. Feather Boa  $9 

SSAA Accessories 

Is it even a party if there's no feather boas?!


2. Rainbow Drink Dispenser Kit  $27


You could fill this with lemonade, but we'd suggest something more like vodka soda (with extra limes, of course).


3. Rainbow Fans  $15


Perfect for when you're debating this season of The Bachelorette and things get heated. Or maybe you're just standing too close to the grill.


4. Striped Sweatband Set  $10


Sure, you could use these to actually catch sweat while you're playing a sport, or you could get them to complete your Pride outfit. Either way, these rainbow sweatbands are just as cute as they are functional.


5. Pansexual and Still Not Into You Tank $24


Is there an easier way to tell that stranger hitting on you that you aren't interested? We don't think so. 


6. Rainbow Flag Toothpicks  $9



Even your food can be festive when you stick Pride flags in 'em! Picture cupcakes with these lil toothpicks on top. Voila!


10. Pearl Rainbow Face Paint $17

TAG Body Art

This body paint makes it easy to take your Pride up a notch. It's non-irritating and super easy to blend, so you can get completely head-to-toe Pride ready like the masterpiece you are.


11. Rainbow Fanny Pack  $15

SoJourner Bags

Gotta keep both hands free for all the snacks (and probably drinks, let's be honest) at the party!


12. Rainbow Boobs Pride Tee  $24


Cute. Comfy. Boob hearts. What more could you want in a shirt? 


13. Nail Decals $10


Don't have the time or patience to hand paint intricate nail designs? Same here. Grab these decals and freshen up that mani just in time for Pride.


14. Rainbow Cupcake Wrappers  $12

Confetti Couture

Can you tell we like cupcakes? Attention to detail (like these fun rainbow wrappers) will make everyone at the party wonder when you became so put together.


15. Make America Gay Again Hat  $7


 This speaks for itself. Solid hat, solid design. Count us in.


16. Love is Love Tank  $24


This tank is a perfect reminder to celebrate love in all it's forms. Love is love! 

Bailey Kantner
Bailey Kantner


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