July 23, 2019 1 min read

by Alyssa Rogers

Just because you don't want to say something out loud, doesn't mean you can't say it with your shirt!

No Thanks Tee

When you’re walking through the mall and vendors are trying to sell you their products, no thanks.

When you open a DM to the same cheesy pick up line 10 other guys have sent you, no thanks.

When you are walking down the street peacefully and a dirtbag decides now is a good time to catcall you, no thanks.

I Wanna Be Where the People Aren’t Tee

Let it be known when you are feeling anti-social.

This one is for the days when you have errands to run but no time or patience for small talk; let people know you’d rather be anywhere else.

Useless before 10 am Shirt

When you stay up all night binging Netflix, that 6 am shift is going to be rough.

Remind your boss to check the time before they ask you to do anything too demanding with this sassy tee!


And lastly, 

Give people a simple reminder that they may not even realize they needed with any of these shirts that are sure to brighten someone’s day when they see it :) 

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You Are a Force Shirt


Self Care Isn't Selfish Shirt

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