All Smiles Outline Glitter Acrylic Keychain


Bring a burst of joy to your everyday routine with our Smile Cut-Out Acrylic Keychain! Crafted with durable acrylic, this vibrant accessory is designed to keep your keys organized while spreading positivity wherever you go.

♥ Our Smile Cut-Out Acrylic Keychain measures 2" W x 2" H 
♥ Fits seamlessly into your pocket or purse without adding bulk.
♥ Comes with your choice of gold or silver split ring for easy attachment to your keyrings.
♥ Crafted from lightweight, scratch resistant acrylic material with brilliant shades of color and glitter hues.
♥Versatile Use: Not just for keys! Attach it to your backpack, zipper, or lanyard for a fun pop of personality wherever you go.
♥ Our Smile Cut-Out Acrylic Keychains are uniquely designed and handmade in Columbus, Ohio. All orders are made-to-order with love and attention to detail.