Anxiety is Lying Garment Dye Shirt


Crafted with care and comfort in mind, this graphic tee serves as a reminder that your anxious thoughts may not always reflect reality. The bold design features a powerful message, offering support and encouragement to those navigating the challenges of anxiety. Wear it as a statement of solidarity, fostering a sense of community among those who understand the struggle.

✰ Durable, absorbent, and virtually shrink free as a result of garment dyeing.
✰ Features a sturdy feel combined with a more generous, wider fit and higher neckline.
✰ 6.5oz, made of 100% USA cotton. Manufactured and printed in the USA.
✰ Our eco-friendly, water-based ink prints directly into our shirt fibers for a smooth feel that provides a less vibrant, lived-in look that will never crack or peel. 
✰ For best results, wash inside out and on a gentle cycle in cold water.