June 26, 2019 1 min read

by Alyssa Rogers

Growing up each year on the 4th of July every kid would have the same, boring shirt with a vintage-looking American Flag. Don’t lie, you know you had one, and if you didn’t you definitely know someone (or multiple people) who did. We are so OVER that tired look. We are shaking things up a little bit this summer and giving you something fresh and original! After all, that’s what Femfetti is all about. 

Combine your celebration of freedom and feminism with this super cute tank demanding respect!

Rewrite history with our Life, Liberty and Hot Dogs Tee that reminds everyone you’re there for the food, not the socialization. 

For the lovers of our iconic “Calm your tits” tee, we made this patriotic version, specially for Independence Day. 

Get your girl gang together because this tank declares the land of the female! 


Keep sipping on those seltzers while you light your sparklers in this tee


And the last top I’ll share with you in this post, but certainly not the last in our massive USA collection...

Let's make this tee the new classic! 


You can check out the rest of our AMAZING 4th of July collection here!


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