June 24, 2019 3 min read

by Alyssa Rogers

At Femfetti we have the most INCREDIBLE, hand-poured, soy candles, but we do have a ton to choose from and sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to choose which one to get. That's why I made this guide; it will help you find a candle perfect for you and candles perfect for each of your friends.

First up we’ve got the ‘Swipe Left’ candle with notes of zesty basil, bergamot, and citrus. This is for your flirtatious, serial-dating friend. She’s been known to stand up a man here and there, and even though she can totally get any guy she wants, she is the most satisfied when she's playing the field and commitment-free.


Next is our ‘Spill the Tea’ candle, with notes of clean cotton and warm musk. This is for your friend with all the gossip. She doesn't ever speak poorly of other people, but when it comes to her night out last weekend- she can't wait to give you all the details. She knows who’s dating who, who dumped who, and who is crushing on who. Some might call her a walking tabloid...


Our ‘Mom’s Advice’ candle smells of sweet cinnamon, clove buds, and brown sugar. It’s the perfect gift for your mother, but also for your friend who gives the best advice. You aren’t sure why or how, but she always knows exactly what to say when you're feeling down. She looks out for your well-being and will actually answer you honestly when you ask if you should pour another glass of wine.

With hints of hazelnut and fresh ground coffee beans, the ‘5th Cup of Coffee’ candle is for your workaholic friend. We all have one; she’s a total boss babe and such a hard worker, but her caffeine addiction is getting out of hand. Use this to help soothe her withdrawals!

The ‘Leave Me Alone’ candle gives off the scent of crisp lemon, fresh lavender, and citrus; it’s perfect for your friend who values her alone time. She loves her girl gang, but sometimes a nap at home sounds better than a night out.


Our eucalyptus-scented ‘Sick of Everything’ candle is for your friend who takes no shit. She’s one step ahead of the patriarchy and plans on single-handedly defeating the male species. She has no time for moronic gender roles that people justify as “traditions," and quite frankly, she's sick of it.

Our ‘Sorry Bitch’ candle smells like lilies and fresh petals; it’s perfect for your unapologetic friend, who refuses to say sorry even if she's in the wrong. Every once in awhile friends argue, and one of you has to quit being stubborn and just admit wrongdoing. So go ahead, say sorry with this candle. That still makes you the bigger person, right?

The ‘Sweet Smell of Revenge’ candle actually smells like roses. Give it to your friend who blasts Taylor Swift after a breakup. She swears she isn’t crazy, but she would definitely key a boy's car for not texting back. It's a good thing she has you to stop her from making any rash decisions, but you can’t help but wonder how far she would go if she was given the chance to totally destroy everything in her path.


Lucky for you, we mixed your ex’s tears with wax and a fresh ocean breeze scent to make this candle, which means this one is for you! Yes, we know you secretly think about making your ex cry, and it's fine because he deserves it! Here's to moving on to bigger and better things - light it up, babe!

She’s been dropping major hints, but apparently it's still not getting through to her man. Help her out with our 'Dropping Hints' candle that smells like a bouquet of roses. She's been dating him forever and at this point, you’re just as tired of waiting for that ring as she is! So whether you give this candle to her or her boyfriend, just get the message across so he can get down on one knee!


And there you have it, a candle for each and every type of friend. We've always got your back:) 

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