June 18, 2019 2 min read

by Alyssa Rogers

Did anyone else get in their feels when the Spice Girls announced their upcoming tour? Now that nostalgia has filled my brain, all I can think about is the good old days…

I can’t be the only one who dreams that the 90s and early 2000s aren’t over, right? If you can relate you are either going to love me for putting all these goodies in one place or hate me for tempting you to buy it all...

The Spice Girls tour announcement is what started this nostalgic frenzy for me so I guess I'll start out with these cute muscle tanks! My fave is Baby Spice, who’s yours? Buy it here!


Boy Meets World anyone? I always wanted to be Topanga growing up! Definitely adding this to my cart:) 


I can’t even act like I’m too old to be adding these to my cart right now (because I definitely am.) Buy them here! 

I was way too young to be watching Sex and The City while it was still on TV, but that’s what Hulu's for! Obsessed with this tee!


Isn’t Hocus Pocus everyone’s favorite Halloween movie? Check out this sweatshirt!


Not to worry, everyone!, Lip Smacker is still in business, and better than ever! I don’t know about you but that Cherry Coke lip balm is calling my name! Shop this pack here!


If you didn’t have a boy band obsession at some point as a kid does it even count as a childhood? Anyway, life gets way too hard when we grow up, and this shirt sums it all up. Get this tank!


Okay, that’s all the nostalgia I can handle in a day, but you know I have to say it...


(too corny…?)


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