April 22, 2019 1 min read

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, we decided to launch an eco-friendly collection featuring Hanes EcoSmart shirts!


These shirts are made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and are also the great quality we’ve come to expect from Hanes (and they’re tag-free!), so you can look good and feel good every time you put on your favorite tee.

We chose this shirt not only for it’s recycled content, but also because Hanes is doing many good things to cut down on their environmental impact as a large fashion company (something we like to support even as a small business ourselves!).



As a company Hanes has reduced energy use by 21%, carbon emissions by 28% and water use by 30%. We source our shirts through Hanes to make sure our money (and yours!) is supporting a company that is striving to decrease their impact on the planet.

Beyond the shirts in this collection, the ink used to print on the garment are water-based pigments by Brother DTG. They areOeko-Tex® ECO PASSPORT certified andCPSIA compliant, which means they have passed independent testing and been awarded certification that states each individual ingredient meets specific requirements for sustainability, safety and regulation requirements.

The ink also now comes in new replaceable pouches, which has drastically reduced the amount of plastic and waste.

We're excited to introduce our new collection and continue taking steps to become more environmentally healthy!

Check out the eco-friendly collection here!

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