December 11, 2017 3 min read

Some people can't wait to get home to tend to their garden and take care of their house plants. They treat their plants like children and are always worrying about if they are getting enough sunlight and water. We all know and love someone like this. We are here to give ideas of cute and functional gifts for that Crazy Plant Lady or Plant Mom in your life.



1. Crystal Air Plant Holder

Air Friends on Etsy

Tell your friend that she's a gem with a gold-dipped quartz crystal meant for air plants. Order just one or pair a couple together for a boho chic vibe. 


2. Plant Queen Shirt


Your friend is known for ditching you on Friday nights to hang out with her plants and watch movies instead. Who can blame her? Make sure she has something to wear on those nights when she just can't handle interacting with humans. 


3. Ceramic Succulent Pots


Succulents are addicting and your friend probably has so many that she doesn't even know where to put them at this point. Trust me, I've been there. These ceramic pots come in five different colors and add a modern look to any room. There is a reason why they are a best-seller on Amazon! 


4. Herb Garden Planner

Rifle Paper Co.

Make sure your friend keeps organized with this herbal garden calendar, courtesy of Rifle Paper Company. She will never forget to water her plants again after she updates her calendar with her intensive plant-watering schedule. 


5. Desert Cactus Pillow

Urban Outfitters

This bright pillow is sure to brighten up any plant-lovers space with it's neon colors and embroidered desert cacti. Add it as an accent to your couch, bed or even a comfy chair to give your space an extra pop of color! 


 6. Herb Garden Markers

Le Rustic Chic on Etsy

Your friend will probably never forget what plant is which, but just in case, these garden markers help to keep track of all of her favorite herbs and plants. We’re especially obsessed with the gold and copper to give your garden and planted herbs some extra charm.


7.  Red Rose Enamel Pin


We are obsessed with our Red Rose enamel pin. Wear it on a denim jacket, sport it on a backpack, or come up with your own unique way to show off your love for the flower of love.


 8. Simple Cactus Print

Wilder California

Jane Wilder creates the prettiest landscapes of cactus and other plant-inspired scenes. Trust us, your cacti-obsessed friend will need to have one of each print after you gift her one.


9. Monstera Gold Earrings

Olive Bella on Etsy

If you're like me, I think Monstera's are the most iconic plant there is. These modern, gold earrings represent their beauty perfectly. Make sure your friend has statement earrings that capture the fact that being a Crazy Plant Lady is a lifestyle. 



10. Chalkboard Air Plant Holder

Wood Inspire on Etsy

There’s nothing better than customizable gifts- especially when you can write notes or a funny inside joke. She can display this cute planter on her desk, bedside stand, or bookshelf so she has a constant reminder of how great of a friend you are (wink wink).


11. House Jungle Book


If one of your friends biggest worries is if she is giving her plants the right amount of water and sunlight, then this book is for her. She will learn the best plant tricks + hints so you no longer have to hear her question her plant-tending abilities or comfort her during her time of mourning over a plant she accidentally killed.


12. Plant Mister

Urban Outfitters

Your friend never has to worry about over-watering again with this plant mister that is amazing for air plants and for giving your plant's soil a little spritz. As an added bonus, it has gold accents and an antique-look so it can act as house décor as well.


13. Cactus Wreath

Paper Source

We know taking care of plants can be very demanding so give your friend a break with this paper succulent wreath that will effortlessly last forever (yay to no watering!!!). Your friend can be creative and add another touch of green to her flourishing collection of plants.


14. Plantable Floral Candle

Uncommon Goods

Candles that smell good and give back to the environment? Yes please! Your friend will love bringing the scent of her garden indoors and she can even plant the packaging to grow her own sunflowers and poppies. We like to call this perfect product a "scent with good intent"!!!


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