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In the words of the queen of glam herself, Victoria Beckham, "[fashion] is about making a woman look and feel like the best version of  herself." All the curated products in this guide are meant to speak to your BFF's glitzy soul, while making her look and feel amazing. We recommend pairing a few of these gifts for one lavish gift basket; how cute would a graphic tee, sparkly jewelry and champagne gummy bears look together?

If your bestie walks through life like a model on the catwalk, keep reading.


1. Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow $24


This liquid eyeshadow is beyond easy to apply- just a single swipe on the eyelids leaves a super pigmented, sparkly wash of color. It'll look like your BFF spent hours perfecting her makeup, but it really doesn't take much work at all. Easy and glamorous, what could be better?


2. This Is My Makeup Bag Duffle $25


Look no further. We found a bag that's perfectly sized to fit your BFF's ~impressive~ makeup collection (who even knew they make lipstick in that many shades??). Some people collect stuffed animals, she collections nail polish and blush. I mean sure, she could use this bag for a variety of things, but her makeup deserves to be upgraded from a random plastic bag to this adorable duffle. 


3. Faux Gem Drop Earrings $

Forever 21

These earrings are perfect for the girl who likes jewelry that sparkles as much as she does. You don't need to drop a lot of cash to give a glitzy gift- these earrings are only $8! Add some bling to your BFF's life; she can never have too much.


4. Pink Diamond Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Box $30

Ikee Designs

If your BFF is anything like ours, she has more makeup and jewelry than she knows what to do with. Help her stay organized with this super-cute, pink display case. Honestly, her lipsticks & highlighters are too pretty to not be on display. Makeup is basically art, right?


5. You Glow Girl Shirt $24


This shirt is colorful, positive and radiant- just like your beautiful BFF. Help your bestie spread her personal ray of sunshine everywhere she goes with this tee. Not only will your BFF feel empowered, every girl she passes will be uplifted too! That's a classic win-win. Leslie Knope approves.


6. Grapefruit Bath Salt Confetti $13


Encourage your BFF to spend some time relaxing in a luxurious bath- she deserves it! This product will make a bath feel like a party. The packaging is ~extra~ in the best way, just like her.


7. Diamante Bib Necklace $16

Forever 21

This trendy bib necklace is the easiest way to take an outfit up a notch. Your BFF can throw on this versatile piece with anything from a flannel to a LBD to add her signature glam touch. 


8. Lighted Tri-fold Mirror $20

Miss Sweet

Your BFF is the fairest of them all, and she'll absolutely love this lighted mirror to reflect her (inner and outer!) beauty. Not gonna lie, a lighted mirror is a game changer. It makes applying makeup and skincare so much easier. This mirror lays flat when it's closed- perfect for the glam girl on the go.


9. Champagne Bears $9


Cosmo magazine named these gummy bears "the perfect party favor" and we know why: not only are they super yummy, they also look chic AF on the table next to a bottle of champagne. These gummy bears are made with Dom Perignon, which your bestie will definitely appreciate. Your BFF is royalty and deserves to be treated as such.


10. Tough As Nails $24


Tough as nails takes on a new meaning with this feminist tee. If your BFF appreciates a good manicure but is also the strongest babe around, she needs this shirt. Package this tee with a giftcard to her favorite nail salon, and she'll love you forever.

11.  Women's Velvet Bow Gloves $10


Velvet is super elegant and opulent, but you don't need to spend a lot of money to add this expensive-looking touch to any outfit. Velvet gloves will make handling life's BS a little bit more glamorous. 

12. The World According to Karl $35

Karl Lagerfeld 

Karl Lagerfeld is the epitome of couture. Your BFF will love this book filled with his wit and wisdom about fashion and style. This is the ultimate how-to-be glam guide: sometimes provocative and unpredictable, but always chic.

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