December 18, 2017 3 min read

We all know someone who is a selfie-taking expert, always worries about her follower to following ratio on Instagram, and freaks out if her iPhone battery goes below 25% and she doesn't have access to a charger. It's not easy being the Queen of the Internet without the right gadgets and accessories. Get ready to cross your digital-loving bestie off your list with these fun, techie gifts.


 1. Give me your WIFI Password Sweatshirt


The first question your friend asks whenever you're going somewhere is "is there WIFI?" She needs a perfect connection so she can constantly refresh her Insta to see all of her likes rack up. Let's be honest, going out on weekends would be a lot easier if every place had free WIFI. 



2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Transparent Case


Since your friend can't go to any outing without her camera, it's best she keeps it protected from any accidental drops or scratches. She can protect her Fujifilm Instax with this colorful and magical case that is the perfect combo of both cute and functional. 


3. Cell-Phone Holder + Light


Your selfie-taking, makeup-mastering, blog-loving friend will adore this cell phone holder that makes taking videos and selfies easy and effortless. Your friend can adjust the type of lighting, the angles, and the brightness so she can achieve a radiant, hands-free video or selfie. This gadget is so good, you'll most likely need to buy one for yourself.


4. Pig Multi-Function Socket


It's a struggle trying to find enough outlets to plug in all your tech gadgets. This cute pig-shaped charging station is a must for home, work and travel (especially airports). Your bestie will be a hero to everyone at her gate when she pulls and Oprah move and shows up with an unlimited amount of outlets. "YOU GET AN OUTLET! YOU GET AN OUTLET!"



5. Mobile Lens Kit

Urban Outfitters

Your BFF is always looking for new ways to switch up her selfies and this mobile lens does just that! It comes with fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses that can be used on both the back and front-facing camera so your friend no longer has any boring selfie-taking sessions.



6. Hello Neon Sign

Urban Outfitters

Your digital-loving bestie is always up for late-night texting, meme-sharing, and Instagram-stalking. Say “hello” to her favorite new room décor. Neon lights add an amazing glow + complete the look of any room and your friend will definitely LOL over this speech bubble reference.  



7. Disc Stylus Pen


If you’re like us, you wonder how people can have such pretty handwriting on their Snapchat or Insta stories… We found the answer! This handy stylus allows you to write like you're using a pen and makes your sloppy handwriting look a bit more polished (It's also perfect for drawing as well!!).



8. Selfie Phone Case


It's impossible for your bestie to take a selfie until she finds the perfect lighting because let's face it, lighting is everything when it comes to selfies. With this phone case, your friend can achieve that perfect glow and channel her inner model anywhere and anytime.



9. Opal PopSocket


Whether your friend is always dropping her phone or always watching her favorite shows on the go, this Opal Popsocket is definitely the gift she needs to make her life easier. Trust us, she’ll be wondering how she ever lived without it before your gifted it to her! 


10. Instagram Life Shirt


There's a reason why you only post the best selfies, the most memorable moments, and the cutest dogs on your Instagram. Social media is an easy way to make it seem like you're living your best life. Truth be told, no one has their life together... but at least we can pretend, right!?


11. Turing Techie Glasses


We know smartphones are addicting and we live in a world where everyone is constantly looking at their screens. Over time, this can be very damaging to one’s health. These glasses filter out the blue light that is given off by our screens that will help cutback on eye strain and allow your friend to sleep better after staring at her phone for long periods of time. This is a cute and thoughtful gift for your tech-friend who can’t go without checking Instagram or Twitter before bed.



12. Beats by Dre Rose Gold Headphones


You’ve heard your friend complain about forgetting her headphones at home too many times. Music and style is a necessity for her and these rose gold in-ear headphones achieve both. She'll love these headphones so much she'll never forget them at home and she'll be groovin' just like Obama. 



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