Girl Boss Gift Guide

by Daisy Christophel December 17, 2017

Girl Boss Gift Guide

  1. Kate Spade, Make Mine a Double to-go mug $18
    Every boss babe needs her caffeine of choice on the go, so she can stay on point even when she’s tired. Carrying around this super cute and ~sophisticated~ mug is sure to become a favorite day-to-day staple.


2. TATY- Dry Shampoo & Coffee Top $24  


We know how to survive, and it is NOT waiting around for some fuck boy to make us happy.

It’s dry shampoo and coffee pulling us through every tough situation (dramatic but true). This is one of our best selling tees- for good reason. Give credit where it's due with this gift.

Find more of our coffee shirts here. 




3. Amazon- Er Way Calendar Scheduler Organizer $10.99


We spotted this unique tropical planner on amazon that has everything a gal needs to stay on top of those coffee dates and goal digging.

We like the slim size- because bag real estate is hard to come by, and your planner should not take over your life.

This one will make a great addition to a boss gift bundle.

  1. Skinny Dip London- Boss Card Pack $8


Every boss knows the value of staying humble and showing appreciation. Gift her this inspirational and cute AF stationary set that will definitely come in handy as she continues to move up in the world.

Comes with six different color designs that will leave a lasting impression on whoever receives them.

  1.  TATY- Pleated Holiday Skirt $25


Gift her the trendiest skirt of the year that fits her busy lifestyle. This midi skirt can go from day to night, casual to dressed up, and board room to office party in .5 seconds. Perfect for the girl boss who has zero interest for things that can’t multitask. 

  1. Kate Spade -Let’s Do Lunch Card Holder $20

    WHOAH sleek biz card holder, talk about adulting. A sophisticated, fun conversation starter for impressing her new clients. Striking the balance between functional and fancy for your boss babe bff. With gift ideas this good you’ll be a boss yourself in no time. (If you aren’t already!)

  1.  Pink Letterboard- OnePotatoeFour $60


In case you didn't get the memo pink letter boards are all the rage.  Not only could she write messages like “Go Away, I’m Busy” but your girl boss BFF can have ever-changing inspirational quotes ( because we all know our fav quote changes as with every mood)  AND cute office decor all at the same time. Wow just wow, plus they look great on the ‘gram.

8.U Brands Desk Accessory Organization Kit, Rose Gold $20


Rose gold metallics making everyday tasks ~extra~ and your desk space looking fierce. Need we say more? It’s not like your boss BFF Is gonna take time to buy a rose gold staple either, but you will, and she’ll love you for it.






9. Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter, Large $27


Desk decor is a must for anyone who spends a little too long working their a** off. This cute little planter brings a little bit of the outdoors in, and doubles as a pen holder to keep your boss bff zen. 


10.TATY Girl Power Sweatshirt $34

She's sure to love this cute cozy crewneck that tells the world right where she stands.  #ComfyPowerMove 


11.Jay Graphics Btch In Charge Engraved 2x8 Pink Desk Sign  $25



Okay, so maybe this is NSFW, but it's one of those gifts that she'll love and endlessly laugh about- and what's better than the gift of laughter? Being a boss isn't easy, she can pull this little guy out whenever she needs a boost of confidence.  


12. TATY Persist Floral Enamel Pin $12


 One of our best selling enamel pins that any woman would love. Help her carry around a little strength from Queen Elizabeth Warren on a daily basis. For every moment she has to bring a folding chair to get a seat at the table.



Daisy Christophel
Daisy Christophel


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