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Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? Time fries when you’re having fun! We're making it easier to figure out a gift for that hangry girl in your squad. We've hand-picked gifts for the brunch-lovers, junk food addicts, and the sweets enthusiasts in your life.

PS peep our entire Foodie collection here.

Oh, and this is the perfect excuse to express our love for Steve Harrington eating KFC *insert heart eyes emoji*

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  • 1. 
  • Best Babes Burger and Fries Duo Sweatshirt $34/each


    Burgers and Fries make a great combo… literally. Do you want to beef just like your bestie? And does your bestie only have fries for you? Rep your love for your BFF with these adorable duo sweatshirts. Can you tell we love cheesy food puns? ;)

  • 2. 
  • Frosted Donut Ornament $12.95

    Paper Source

    We donut about you but we’re obsessed with this new Unicorn food trend that is all things pink and magical. Make your Christmas tree a bit more sparkly this year with an ornament that outshines all the others.

    Warning: may cause significant mouth-watering and intensified donut cravings.

  •  3. Wakey Wakey Coffee Mug $10
  • Urban Outfitters

    We know not everyone can be a morning person, but endless amounts of coffee can make getting out of bed easier. Give your sluggish friend the extra caffeine boost she deserves. Wakey Wakey, get your coffee, eggs and bakey!

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     4. Strawberry Reusable Tote $10


    Do you have a friend that’s super practical and loves Mother Nature? We all need that go-to reusable bag that can be used for grocery runs, farmer's market trips, or even hauling all your favorite sleepover snack essentials. It’s said to carry 2-3 grocery bags worth of stuff so you don’t have to worry about “over-packing”. This bag is the definition of versatile.

    5. Ice Cream Phone Case $35


    Nothing says “you’re the sweetest” more than ice cream. It’s a gift that is functional yet totally adorable. Plus, your BFF can channel those warm summer days even on the coldest winter days.

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    6.  Hamburger Pin $12


    Sometimes you just need to go Shake Shack, order a double cheeseburger with a side of fries, and binge-watch Bob’s Burgers all night. Yeah, we’re right there with you.  

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    6. Pancake Pin $12


    Raise your hand if you’re that brunch-loving babe who is always the first one up on Saturdays to get a table at your favorite local brunch spot. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the pancakes.

    7. Triceratops Taco Stand $14 


    Let’s taco bout how messy tacos can be. And if you’re like us, our tacos need to look just as good as they taste for that drool-worthy Foodstragram pic. That is, if you remember to take a pic before you inhale all your tacos. A missed opportunity at it’s finest. 

    Don't worry, soft taco lovers. Reviews say this stands works for both soft and hard taco shells. *Sigh of relief*

    8. Brunchaholic Crewneck $34


    Every brunch addict knows that mimosas and gossiping with friends is the most important time of the week. Give your breakfast-loving babe the gift that keeps her brunching.

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    9. Coffee Til’ Cocktails Socks $12


    Because who doesn’t love delicious drinks at all hours of the day?! Coffee and cocktails are always the answer when you cannot even with people's nonsense. 

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    10. Breakfast Rainbow Shirt $24


    Who needs a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when you can have a plate of eggs and bacon? Nothing wakes us up quicker than the smell of that sizzlin’, greasy stuff.

    11. Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain $8

     Urban Outfitters

    Chinese food? Sriracha. Eggs? Sriracha. Tacos? Sriracha. Waffles? Sriracha?! We all have that friend who puts hot sauce on everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. Why not make it easier with this portable, refillable to-go bottle of Sriracha that can attach to your purse, keys or even your jeans. Embrace your inner Beyoncé, ladies. 

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    Disclaimer: bottles do not come pre-filled with Sriracha.

    12. Fries B4 Guys Sunglasses $55

     Rad and Refined

    These rad sunglasses show off that salty attitude of your ~sassy~ bestie who believes that food can fix everything. Because boys are disappointing, but fries aren’t.


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