November 13, 2017 3 min read

We all have that extremely impressive friend who looks drop dead gorgeous in her workout clothes (that she actually works out in) and is a shining example for the rest of the group for us to get our asses off the couch. Most of the time we're a bad influence on her and she helps us turn our fitness life around. Thank god for the sporty spices in our lives. This gift guide is for her. 
Cardio is great for your heart and so is wine. Get this for your bestie who's practically a superhero because she loves both. 
Victoria's Secret
Cute workout clothes make waking up at 6 am to run laps (a little) easier.Since she's always squeezing workouts in she'll thank you when this doubles as a cute bra-lette.
These workout gloves are perfect for the girl who is out of this world and goes above and beyond for her workout routine. Keep her safe from weights slipping and help keep her hands soft. Most of the time workout gloves like this are uggo- but this brand knows how to keep your girl stylin. 
Your BFF is always drinking those weird, green juices. Make sure it stays cold (and sealed so you don't have to smell it) with this bottle. Keeps drinks hot for 12hours and ice cold for 24 hours. These bottles are tried and true in our office- we're big fans! 
Skin Wonderland
From runs in the dead of winter to every sweat soak sauna sesh your BFF surely needs to show her skin some TLC. "A 13-piece set curated with products for visibly radiant skin from head to toe"
 It's pretty impressive that your bestie fits a workout in before everyone meets for brunch on Sunday morning (we wake up at noon at stumble to the restaurant). This duffle is the perfect gym bag that will help keep her priorities straight. 
Does your friend need a place to keep her millions of bobby pins, hair ties and loose change while she's rushing to and from the gym? She never has a purse because she always has a gym bag. Every girl who lives out of a duffle needs a cute lil wallet to keep her valuables on lock down. Bonus: Since this wallet is metallic it won't absorb oder/moisture from her bag.
Your BFF will appreciate this sweatshirt when she's refueling on carbs. Honestly, every day is cheat day for us, but your fit friend will def find this hilarious.
9. Snack Box Subscription $13.99 a month
This monthly subscription comes stocked with extremely healthy + very yummy snacks. Wow, what a feat!  We've actually tried this service- 10/10 would recommend. Plus giving the gift of snacks makes you a grade A+ friend.
 Post-workout ambience: rosy cheeks and that drop-dead afterglow + your friend's new favorite rose joggers. Cute, cozy and functional for your Sporty Spice's lifestyle. 
11. Golden Wonder $20
 This gift set comes with a bath bomb + a luxury bath oil- perfect for after leg day. Your BFF's muscles will be thanking you. Make sure she's not too sore to keep up with your craziness. Lush also has a few products made just for sore musclesbut they aren't as cute as this pre-wrapped package of golden bliss.
Life, like yoga, is all about balance. That’s why pizza is always our favorite go-to post-workout treat. Remind your BFF what's waiting for her after this workout. The only worry with this gift is everyone in her yoga class is gonna want to be besties with her because of how relatable this mat is. (No one can you replace you though right!?)

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