November 21, 2017 3 min read

Yes, we love pizza so much that we are dedicating a whole gift guide to it. We bet many of you are right there with us. Get ready to cross that diehard pizza fan off your xmas list in 3, 2, 1….


01. Love By the Slice T-Shirt $24


We are obsessed with our new pizza design in this season's trendiest color combo. Red and pink represent desire and strength so we "not coincidentally" created a pizza shirt with this iconic color pairing (how perfect for your strong, independent gal pal?!)

02. BFF Pizza Phone Cases $30

Urban Outfitters

Shout out to that friend who shares her heart, secrets, and her pizza with you. These phone cases fit perfectly together, just like you and your BFF, and are quintessential for taking classic mirror-selfies together. 


03. Pizza Rescue Kit $26

SullivanTeaShop on Etsy

Sometimes your pizza needs just a little pizzazz! Step up your pizza game thanks to some NYC pizza aficionados who give us their expert advice + spices to get that perfect slice of happiness every time.


04. Copper Pizza Cutter $16


We love the touch of copper + modern style of this pizza cutter so your friend can throw the poshest pizza parties. It’s a must for the girl who doesn’t want to give up style for functionality. 


05. Sparkly Pizza Purse $39.50 


Okay, so this may be meant for little girls but you could definitely catch us showing off this sparkly fashion statement out on the town. It’s just practical enough to fit all your going-out essentials: lipgloss, ID, credit card, and of course pizza money for the end of the night.


 06. Pizza Blanket $35


Cozy up under layers of cheese and pepperoni goodness that make you feel like you’re one with pizza. So warm and comfy you’re bound to have a ~pieceful~ night in with bae (AKA pizza) 

07. Pizza is My Soulmate Mug $20


You have a pizza my heart. JK, pizza is always bae. 


08. Pies B4 Guys Necklace $29.95


Diehard pizza babes know that there is no time for heartbreak and only time for heartburn. Give your bestie a pizza advice this Christmas: pizza should always come before guys (unless your guy is Drake, then choose Drake)


 09. Pizza Heart Enamel Pin $12 


"There's a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants"... We're thinking Selena is singing about pizza instead of JB in this song. Our own Pizza Heart Enamel Pin reminds your friend of what's really important this holiday season. 

10. After This We're Getting Pizza Water Bottle $20

Yeah we’re into fitness…. fitness whole pizza in our mouths. Drinking a bottle of water makes up for eating an entire pizza by yourself, right!? 

11. Pizza Gift Card (Prices Vary)


You can’t forget about the most important gift for that pizza enthusiast in your life. Whether it’s a gift card from her favorite pizza chain or her favorite local pizzeria, gift cards bring the gift of pizza to life. And hopefully in exchange your friend will share a slice or two with you.


 12. That's What I Like $24


The only thing better than pineapple pizza is Bruno Mars serenading you with pineapple pizza. Show your friend she should never be ashamed to admit she likes this crazy good combo. I mean, we can all admit to having our fav questionable food pairings... (we would love to hear them in the comments below)

13. Pizza Snow Globe $9.99

Urban Outfitters

Why do anything on a Friday night when the weather outside is frightful, but the pizza is sooooo delightful?! Make sure your friend can enjoy the snow in front of the fireplace with pizza by her side. 


14. Pizza Gift Wrap $2.79+

LostMarblesCo on Etsy

To ~wrap~ up your pizza-inspired gift, we found wrapping paper that will make any pizza-lovers heart melt on Christmas morning. 

via GIPHY 

15. Merry Crustmas Pizza Sweater Crewneck $34


Make sure your friend wins every "Ugly Sweater Contest" this holiday season with this punny cross-stitch sweatshirt. Or she  can always skip the Ugly Sweater Party and indulge on pizza while watching her favorite holiday movies. This sweatshirt is ideal for both situations, tbh. 

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