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You and your best friend will join the ranks as one of the most ~iconic~ BFF duos of all time. Who else is there for you when you haven't done laundry in weeks and need to borrow clothes? Or when you need someone to proofread every text (or make you send it in the first place)? Who can you count on to help you pick the perfect filter or write the funniest caption? Who is the first person to tell you you're a star (or a bitch depending on the day)? 

Your bestie deserves the finest things in life (but mostly she needs to be constantly reminded of her BFF status); we picked out a few gifts that she'll love (and you will, too).

01. 2 Pack Best Friends Bottle $19

New Look


The only reason you go to the gym is to get some quality time with your BFF. Everyone knows working out alone is 10x worse. Get matching best friend water bottles to kick your weekly gym sesh up a notch.

02. Best Babes Burger and Fries Duo Sweatshirts $34 Each


You and your BFF go together like a burger and fries <3 This classic combo makes everything better, just like her.

03. Besties Hardcover Book $13


This book has the cutest illustrations about friendship that perfectly sums up what your BFF means to you. Not only will your BFF appreciate the ~relatable~ messages inside, she'll love how cute this book looks on her coffee table. 

04. Best Friends Set of 2 Charm Bangles $40

Alex and Ani

Upgrade your little kid BFF bracelet to the adult version with this Alex and Ani duo. There's nothing cuter than matching bracelets <3 

05. Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug- BFF $14

Your BFF has 100 cups of coffee a day, why not make sure she gets her caffeine fix in style? Honestly, she's going to need the strength to keep up with your craziness.

06. Besties Shadowbox Frame $17

Paper Source

If your bestie is the sentimental type, fill this shadowbox with pictures of all those late nights, receipts from your McDonald's runs, ticket stubs from every concert and any other mementos of your lives together. 

07. Best Babes Trio Necklace Set $20

Urban Outfitters

Your BFF doesn't have to be 1 person! This necklace is perfect when your BFF gang has 3 members. Each of you is unique, just like each piece of this necklace.

(we're getting too cheesy, we know).

08. Thank You for Being a Friend : Life According to the Golden Girls $11


Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche are the epitome of BFF goals. This book is full of sassy friendship wisdom straight from the Golden Girls. There's even a quiz inside that tells you which iconic character is your spirit animal. Amazing.

09. BFF Hat $66

Private Party


We're obsessed with this BFF hat. This is perfect for all those cold nights you guys spend getting into trouble. You should probably buy yourself one while you're at it.

10. Band of Babes Enamel Pin & Girl Squad Enamel Pin $12 Each


Get these for every girl in your gang so she can rep her squad. These pins are perfect for a jean jacket, bag or anything else your best friend wants to show off. Make everyone in your crew feel extra special <3

11. Best F*cking Friends Hotel Style Keychain $8


Your BFF is always losing her keys, so get her this key chain so she can stay organized (and also remind everyone how awesome she is). This is the friendship equivalent of putting a ring on it.

12. Best Babes Wine Glasses $28


Get her these matching wine glasses so you guys have a reason to have a wine night every week (as if you needed a reason). She'll feel extra special as you guys cuddle on the couch and complain about the week.

13. Friends Girls Duo Sweatshirts $34 Each


Is there anything more pure in life than Rachel and Monica's friendship? <3 They were together for every milestone in life, every apartment change, every heartbreak and career move. Channel your inner Rachel and Monica vibes with these matching sweatshirts that they rock throughout the show.


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