March 23, 2018 2 min read

This is honestly our favorite series because we get to try alllll the things (check out the intro post)...although some of these drinks are def better than others.

Our whole team scored these summer sips on things like after taste, drinkability and smell (and a few other majorly important things). 

TBH, 'gram-ability is one of the most important factors because let's face it, that's the world we live in.

Imagine drinking Harry's Grapefruit Radler poolside under the sunshine. Not sure what a radler tastes like? Keep reading to see what we think!

Oh, and our Brand Director, Daisy is sharing her best-kept-secret drink recipe using that radler (promise you'll love it)!

Let us know in the comments below if you agree with our favs!


Pros: low cal, low sugar option so if that's your thing, this might be great for you. Also fairly refreshing and easy to drink (didn't have strong alcohol flavor).

Cons: Overall not super special in terms on taste...some of the team members thought it tasted kind of fake and bland.


Pros: Sweet + tangy...we're obsessed with the fresh grapefruit taste. The can is also super cute (s/o to whoever designed it)!

Cons: Doesn't have much alcohol at all; we thought it kind of tastes like juice (which is good, but it needs more gin or something). 

Daisy's pro-tip: mix with a shot of gin for the yummiest + quick drink. This actually enhances the overall flavor so much; you'll be a hit at the party with this one.


Pros: We loved the peachy taste! Also the bight blue bottle is definitely 'gram worthy.

Cons: Super sweet...we all agreed it needs ice or something to water it down. Also not very alcohol-y.


Pros: We loved basically everything about this! It has a great balance of flavors + is super tasty. The pineapple flavor comes through very well (will be a great poolside drink). It has 5% alcohol and honestly you can't go wrong with this one.

Cons: Lost a few points on 'gram-ability but honestly the taste makes up for it.


Pros: Super cute packaging- comes with a straw, which honestly makes the whole thing better. 11.5% ALC so it has a little bite. The smooth taste is crisp + kind of citrus-y.

 Cons: One team member thought the smell was kind of odd and off-putting.


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