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Welcome to our new fav blog series: What we're sippin' on.


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Obviously we didn't go out and try a bunch of actual rosé because that would be an endless journey we are all already on and $$$$.

Instead, we reviewed fun different takes on rosé. Our team of 6 reviewed each sip and scored it on our fabulous score cards, then we took an average of the scores. 

Are these mysterious rosés' just click bait trying to make a buck off the rosé name?

Let's dive in to find out! 




Pros: Pretty blush color. Very very light and refreshing, making it the perfect warm weather sip. Looks cute in the glass and packaging. Not too sweet, not too tart. A little bubbly.

Cons: So light and refreshing some team members felt that it lacked taste. It doesn't taste a whole lot like a traditional rosé if you're into that.

Overall it gained the best ratings from the team, pinky fingers up!


Pros: Super bubbly. Cute can but also a nice dark pink in a glass. A lot of complex flavors. This rosé ale actually mimics the wine much more than the others. Overall a really creative twist that's worth a try. 

Cons: Some team members felt it was much too tart.


Pros: Super pink, beautiful color. Bubbly. Poor it in a glass for the 'gram.

Cons: CLICK BAIT. This cider doesn't have much to do with rosé except the color. It's still a tasty hard cider though and a little different from other apple ciders. A lot of team members said it was much too sweet. We all felt that we couldn't drink too much of it without ending up with a mouth full of canker sores and a stomach ache.


Pros: Wine in a can? So hipster, but so cute. This was the most like traditional rosé of the group and we loved how it was super bubbly. Fun fact: one can equals half a bottle of wine. 

Cons: Nothing too groundbreaking here. Just a solid rosé. 


This company is brand new and owned by a group of rad women. We're hoping to re-review soon and update! We felt like we got a bad batch because it smelled like rotten eggs. We reached out and sure enough, we got a bad prototype and the problem has been fixed!

The girls were super nice and are sending us more! 

We loved the can and for those of us that could get past the smell, we thought it was nice smooth, refreshing rosé. Can't wait to try it again!


Show up with a pack of any of these rosés' and you're sure to start a conversation! 

 Know of any other interesting takes on rosé ? Let us know in the comments!

Next week we're reviewing interesting cocktail finds! I'm sharing one of my best kept secrets so stay tuned! 




Happy sipping!

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