February 21, 2018 3 min read

Our self care series wraps up this week with advice from Vivian + Ross on ways to unwind + relax.

Try some of these tips to clear your mind; you'll be more prepared to take on the week ahead. 

For more ideas on ways to focus on self care, check out Daisy + Alex's advice.




  • Hot tea, cozy blankets, and a good book

  • When the temperature starts to drop I like to make a cup of my favorite tea, pile on the blankets, and tackle a book. 

  • My social life during the winter months tends to die down so while I have a chance to spend more time with myself it can lead to some feelings of isolation.

    Getting cozy and escaping into a fictional really does the trick!


  • Moisturizing face masks
  • The cold dry hair is not kind to my skin.

     I started doing a sheet mask every other night to help combat what the environment was doing to my face and then began to turn it into a little nightly self love ritual.

  • I put on my mask, put away the screens, pop on a chill record or lofi jams, and journal or sketch.

  • Taking time for myself at the end of the day helps melt away some anxieties I carry during the day and leads to a better night’s rest.


    Coffee shop and my sketchbook

    This is something I tend to do throughout the whole year.

    If you’re anything like me you have a pretty steadfast routine: work, gym, home, a grocery trip every sunday, occasionally go out with friends, things can get mundane kind of quick.

    I have a rotation of local coffee shops I like to go to that I bring my sketchbook or tablet to and work on personal projects. 

     It’s a nice change of pace, I’m in a new environment, and you see some interesting people.


    At home manicures

    Just like my face, my nails and cuticles get pretty gross during the winter.

    I have to put in a little extra work to clean them up and keep them from being brittle but it’s a good way to focus my energy and attention.

    I used to be a rampant nail biter, but I’ve started channeling the anxieties that led me to do that into nail care.

    I feel happier and have a little boost in pride when my nails look super clean and healthy.

    Light jogging and yoga 

    Listen, I know working out sucks especially when it’s cold out and you just want to go home and eat your weight in pasta and watch trash tv.

    30 min of light cardio a day and a 5-10 min yoga routine before bed will work crazy wonders on your mental and physical health.

    Grab a friend and get your heart rate going to pump some endorphins into your body and de-stress.

    This light work out will definitely help ward off that seasonal depression that always creeps in.




    Having a winter skincare routine makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and the dedication pays off for both my skin and my well being.

    Check out my skin care routine here (you need some of these products, trust me).


    Video Games

    After a stressful day, coming home and doing something mindless like playing video games helps me decompress and I find that my stress melts away.


    Stouffers Mac And Cheese

    When I’m in need of comfort food I always go for frozen Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese.

    It’s very nice on a cold day. It reminds me of childhood and always hits the spot.


    Watching TV shows after work is my favorite way to relax.

    I can get engrossed in a good storyline and forget about everything that stressed me out during the day. I highly recommend Top Chef & NCIS- there's a bunch of seasons to keep me interested.


    Finding Deals

    I really enjoy helping others find the best possible deal on products and services. I always check retailmenot.com first to see if I can find discounts/deals on whatever product I need.

    Saving money makes me feel really good and helping others save money makes me feel even better.

    Putting my research skills to good use gives me an instant mood boost.

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