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Alex + Daisy's top 5 self care ideas

by Bailey Kantner February 14, 2018

Alex + Daisy's top 5 self care ideas

Tired and stressed?

Focus on taking care of yourself to get rid of those stubborn winter blues (we live in Ohio, so it might be winter here forever)

Our Brand Director, Daisy, and one of our super talented designers, Alex, are sharing their top 5 favorite ways to improve their mental clarity.

Grab some useful ideas for the next time you need to unwind; want more self care suggestions? See Bailey + Lexi's post.

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Essential Oil Diffuser


I think we can all agree that dry, winter air is the worst.

My mom got me an essential oil diffuser and a box of great smelling oils last summer, and I’ve finally been starting to get some great use out of it!

By just adding a few drops of oil (my personal favorite is spearmint) to some water, vapor diffuses and puts moisture and an amazing smell into the air.



Here in Columbus, Ohio, I live close to a soup shop called Zoup!

Whenever the weather starts to get chilly, my boyfriend and I love going here for dinner. T

hey have an awesome array of warm, comforting soups that make winter seem to melt away. (I totally recommend the chicken pot pie soup!)


Weekend Mornings in Coffee Shops

During the winter months all I wanna do is stay inside and avoid the freezing cold, but what lures me out of hibernation on the weekends is a perfect warm vanilla latte!

Just getting out of my apartment for an hour or two can make a world of a difference on my mood (not to mention coffee is always good idea, too).

I always bring my iPad to draw the winter blues away.

Netflix & Sketch

This is my go-to thing to do nearly every night after work!

Watching a couple episodes of the latest show I’ve been obsessed with (Brooklyn Nine Nine) while maintaining my new year’s resolution with a 365 day hand lettering project (@a_year_in_color) is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day.

*BONUS* Wine and facemasks pair perfectly with this!



I’m not a very sporty person, but out of the very few physical activities that I do like (and that I’m good at!) is downhill skiing!

It’s a great way to get your body moving and going with a group of friends is always a fun way to make a snowy winter day bearable.



Winter in general makes me feel lazy and stuffy because I hide from the outdoors, so it’s the perfect time for me to focus my energy on some sort of healthy challenge.

I generally do 30 days of no drinking for the month of January or February. I find myself looking forward to this mini cleanse every winter now.  

No drinking means a little extra boredom here and there be sure to have some crafty projects to do.

But don’t shy away from going out with your friends just because you can’t drink, it’s still a lot of fun as long as they’re supportive! (If they’re not it’s time to find new friends wtf) No FOMO here!


Hot Yoga

Not only does this literally make me feel warm lol but it makes me sweat and move my body and clear my mind during a time where I just feel all around stuffy and sometimes pessimistic.


Spa Things

Winter is rough on skin and with extra time being spent indoors you might as well get your skin care routine down.

Face masks, tons of aromatherapy candles and a new pair of fuzzy slippers/blanket will have you feeling zen in no time.

Creating an at home spa is a ton of fun for me and obvs has health benefits. You can find me trying allllllllll the new products around now.



This compliments my other self-care practices but I take a lot of joy in trying all kinds of new teas.

It’s just a great thing to warm you up and when you find a bunch you like it’s definitely an uplifting little treat.

These three teas are my go to favorites I have stashed everwhere:






I also recently purchased a mana-tea steeper and loose leaf tea, which I highly recommend. I’m having a lot of fun mixing up my own tea blends! 10/10 recommend

Pizza + chill

I thought this was pretty obvious but when I’m having a low day I grab myself a whole Digiorno pizza from the freezer sections and cue the Netflix.

(Did you know you can fit an entire pizza on one dinner plate?) Works like a charm.

Bailey Kantner
Bailey Kantner


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