February 09, 2018 2 min read

Have you ever cringed so hard while watching The Bachelor that you physically had to shield your eyes? All the time? Me too.

I might be a masochist because somehow I always come back for more.

This season has been a whirlwind of awkward comments and conversations. Arie isn't really the epitome of sophistication (he mainly just mutters under his breath some variation of "she's so pretty" the whole first episode), and the girls aren't much better.

Want to know the top cringe worthy moments so far? Keep reading!


Arie licking a bowling ball

WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? I’m so concerned. Is this a cry for help?

I know this is a reference to The Big Lebowski, but the joke still fell wayyy too flat for me. He needs to drink some water and calm down.



Amber’s pick-up line

Can we all agree the first impression pick-up lines are the ultimate worse?

I’ve been known to mute this part because it gives me so much secondhand embarrassment I’m worried I might die.

Amber chose to go with “in my line of work I see a lot of dick and I’m just hoping you’re not one”

… I can’t quite figure out why she thought this was a good ice breaker. What is he even supposed to say back to that?


Jenna giving Arie a pedicure

I love jenna. I love her strange energy and the way she waves her arms around when she talks.

What I didn’t love was watching her rub Arie’s feet while trying to explain her job

(“What I do is I take people and make them look really cool”) and saying random AF things like “I get a lot of free stuff and ice cream”.

He was clearly not into it:


Krystal’s whole attitude

Listening to Krystal’s sexy baby voice is already bad enough, and when you mix in her entitled attitude it’s not a good outcome.

She's always talking about how “flawless” she is and it's very clearly not true. Awkward.

At one point she rants about how the other women are pathetic for “begging” for time with Arie, while she’s voluntarily on a show that’s based around women competing for a man.


Wrestling date

The basis of this date was very clearly an attempt at irony from the producers: women on a competition reality show actually fight over a man. Groundbreaking.


On top of the overall cringey nature of the date, Marikh + Lauren’s routine had some sort of weird sexual energy that was really uncomfy.

I felt like I was spying on someone's foreplay, which is not a good feeling.


Kendall's cannibalism question

Kendall's somewhat strange comments/interests are (mostly) quirky and fun. What doesn't necessarily translate is starting a conversation about eating human flesh.

Call me old fashioned but cannibalism isn't my idle romantic banter.

Arie says he would only eat humans in a life or death situation, and this floors Kendall ("you wouldn't try it?! I would...it's a curiosity")



Have more cringe worthy moments from season 22 of The Bachelor? Share in the comments below so we can all relive the pain.

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