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Gift Guide: Bar Cart Edition

by Anna Soppelsa November 20, 2018

Gift Guide: Bar Cart Edition

Not to worry, we're back with another gift guide!

*pause for uproarious applause*

This week we've rounded up the best gifts to help elevate your friends bar cart (and give you a good excuse to visit them for Happy Hour).

Check out our top picks for the most stylish bar cart down below!

P.S. we may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page at no extra cost to you, to help us fund snack reviews, our candle habit and other ~fun~ things!

We should probably kick things off with the basics, huh? 

Amazon $67

To have a good bar cart, one needs good bar cart accessories. Enter, this cocktail kit that comes with everything one could need to whip up some amazing drinks. 

Femfetti $50

I find that as I get older the more I actively WANT socks for the holidays.  

BlueQ $11

Perfect for the relatives that live somewhere warm and ALWAYS rub it in your face during the winter. 

Femfetti $16

This sweatshirt lets everyone know what you're most excited about during the holidays. 

Femfetti $34

The perfect book for anyone who likes drinking but also wants to seem intelligent while doing so. 

Amazon $8

Every good party needs a good game to go along with it. 

Amazon $30

You could fill these glasses with plants or you could fill them with alcohol. Guess it depends on what kind of day you're having. 

Femfetti $16

The perfect banner to hang over a bar cart to let everyone know what that area of the house is for. 

Amazon $10

For your friend who's really good at picking up people in bars... 

Femfetti $6  

And for your friend who's almost too nice.  

Femfetti $6

Get these for your sibling that STILL won't shut up about how good Mad Men was. 

Femfetti $20

This is the molecule that wine is made up of. ON A NECKLACE. It's perfect.  

Amazon $12

It's a Pina Colada Party Kit, how are you not sold on it already??

Femfetti $25

We all need a little bit of help during the holiday's. 

Femfetti $26

The perfect set up to help make it seem like you know what you're doing when it comes to mixing drinks. 

Amazon $24

Coasters are vital in any house because we weren't raised in BARNS. 

Pier 1 $13

Any other great gifts that would be the perfect addition to a bar cart? Let me know in the comments! 

Anna Soppelsa
Anna Soppelsa


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