December 12, 2018 3 min read

 When I wrote this article I realized that Christmas is a little under two weeks away. 


It's nothing but Michael Bublé and Grinch movies from here on out folks. 

Since the holidays are quickly approaching that means there's less time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Don't worry, that's why we're here. 

Ahead, check out the best gifts to get the individual who has become plant obsessed this past year. 

P.S. we may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page at no extra cost to you, to help us fund snack reviews, our candle habit and other ~fun~ things!

Plant Queen tee

For the friend who has managed to keep her succulents alive for longer than two weeks. 

Femfetti $24

Monstera Leaf Cushion

image 0

Just in case someone loves plants but they can't be trusted with a real one. 

Etsy $15

Montevarde Glasses


For the friend who likes the idea of plants but doesn't want the commitment. 

Femfetti $16

Cactus Ornament

To ensure your tree is as millennial as possible. 

Femfetti $8

Leaf It To Me Button Up Skirt

The perfect skirt for looking like you love nature when in reality nature has bugs and also dirt in it. No thanks. Luckily this skirt has neither of those things.  

Femfetti $19.60

Floral Temporary Tattoos

WYUEN 12 PCS/lot Flower Temporary Tattoo Sticker for Women Men Fake Tatoo Body Art Adult Waterproof Hand Stickers 9.8X6cm W12-04

For the friend who's been saying "I want a tattoo SO badly!!!" for years but has terrible commitment issues. 

Amazon $7

Floral Botanical Chart tee

Wear this tee on your next camping trip so you can be a walking reference guide for everyone. 

Femfetti $26 

Cactus Trinket Tray

The perfect landing place for all the plant-themed jewelry they own.

Femfetti $12

Rainbow Pine Tree crewneck

I'm not proud of this but I had to Google "are trees plants?" before I felt comfortable adding this sweatshirt to the list. (They are and in my defense, I was very tired.) 

Femfetti $34 

Fern Flat Wrap 

And if ferns aren't their favorite plant, no worries! This website has tons of charts for all kinds of various flora and fauna. 

Papersource $6

Cactus Luggage Tag

This way, no "pricks" will steal your luggage. 

Femfetti $10

Plant Mom Sock

In case anyone asks if you're ever going to have kids you can say "yes" but they don't have to know it's going to be to your plants. 

Amazon $12

Small Monstera Leaf neon light

"Plants, but make it fashion." -the aesthetic this light gives off

Femfetti $30

Cactus Botanical Chart tee

We just really like cactuses okay? 

Femfetti $26 

Groot Chia Pet

Groot is one of the cutest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so it only makes sense that he can grow some adorable small plants. 

Amazon $15

Cactus Marquee Light

I managed to kill two succulents so I think this light is more my speed in terms of what I can handle plant-wise. 

Femfetti $20

Corgi Plant Holders

These are so cute I almost cried when I saw them. 

Amazon $15

Small Round Cactus Candle

If you buy this candle, just make sure you light the candle on fire and not any of the other cactuses you have. 

Femfetti $15 

Monstera Leaf Necklace 

Happiness Boutique Monstera Necklace in Rose Gold | Delicate Necklace Tropical Leaf Pendant

Sure you can't bring your plants everywhere but you can have them with you in spirit with this necklace. 

Amazon $22

Succulent Stickers

Stick these beautiful stickers to the vase holding your plants and call it "Plant-ception". 

Amazon $9


Any other cute, plant-themed gift ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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