October 17, 2018 2 min read

We here at Femfetti are big fans of empowering women and girls. I mean, we're a woman run company and have a mainly female staff. It just makes sense.

But we realized we wanted to do more to help girls feel like they can take on the world. That's why we're so happy to announce that we've partnered with Ruling Our Experiences (ROX)!

ROX is an incredible Columbus-based 501(c)3 non-profit that strives to "equip girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to live healthy, independent, productive and violence-free lives". 

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to us.

ROX began as a research study at The Ohio State University in 2006 by Dr. Lisa Hinkelman. Dr. Hinkelman wanted to figure out how to best help girls navigate the tricky waters of adolescents.

From there, ROX evolved into a program offered all over the United States to help young women live their lives with confidence. ROX differs from other programs like it in that it's backed by data, outcomes and evidence-based research with all programs delivered by professionals. 

In the last year, 2,500 girls participated in ROX and it keeps growing! We are so excited to partner with ROX to offer our support.

With that being said, every dollar from the purchase of our Strong tee

our Behind Every Strong Woman tee,

or our Yes Girl Yes tee,

will be donated to ROX to ensure girls all over the country can control their own relationships, experiences and decisions! 

In addition to this collab, the women of ROX were gracious enough to give us a tour of their home offices and we were able to meet the staff. Check out the highlights below! 

The colors of ROX are black, hot pink, green and white which now we're considering repainting Femfetti's office space. 

The front of the ROX office space was so inviting we all agreed we wanted to have all future meetings there. (Or take naps there, depends on the day)

Also their kitchen was giving us major design inspiration. I never thought I would be someone who lusts over a kitchen backsplash but watching House Hunters every night will change a woman. 

We also got some pictures with some of the fantastic women who help keep ROX running smoothly in the ROX Collection t-shirts! 

 (How festive is the front of their office?) 

When you purchase one of the tees from the ROX Collection, be sure to snap a pic and tag Femfetti and ROX in it! 

Let us know in the comments down below which shirt you'll be buying! 

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